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Looking Cute in the Bumbo

Better Bedtime Sleep

Sleep Patterns Last night was rough… first time putting him to sleep in the crib at bedtime. I had him in bed early around 8:00/8:15pm and he slept for 40min and then woke up...

Nap on Grandpa

More Research on Naps

Development Updates I’m rather caught up in figuring out his sleeping… so I’m afraid that’s what all my posts are about recently. As a pause from sleep updates, here are some other developments he’s...

Officially 5 Months Old - July 9, 2015

My Baby is 5 Months Old!

Sleep Update : 5 Months Old Guess who’s now 5 months old?! My little snuggle bug is! I can’t believe how fast it’s going… although thinking about the future it still seems to be...